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Kiribati Maritime Agency

Tarawa Atoll
Republic of Kiribati

  The Kiribati Maritime Agency

Until recently it has been difficult for vessels to make the arrangements for obtaining Kiribati crew. In 1995 Herman Taaia and his brother Akii Taratiera formed Kiribati Maritime Agency to fill the growing need for high quality crew from a country that contains one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.  Herman is a former captain on a Kiribati bait boat and subsequently served as Fleet Manager for the national tuna fishing company.  Akii is a former accountant and travel agent for the national airline of Kiribati.  In short, they know tuna fishing, good crew and how to do business in Kiribati.

      Travel to and from Kiribati

Kiribati is connected quite well by air to the major tuna fishing ports of Guam and American Samoa.  It is presently possible to fly from Tarawa to Guam in a single day via Nauru.  The trip to American Samoa is via Fiji with an over-night stop in Apia, Western Samoa. Tarawa, the Capitol of Kiribati and the island upon which KMA has it's office, is conveniently located about half way between the major tuna ports of Pago Pago and Guam.  Tarawa is also mid-way between the fishing grounds of FSM/PNG  in the west and that of Christmas Island in the east.

How to Contact Kiribati Maritime Agency

The Kiribati Maritime Agency can be contacted by phone, fax, regular mail or Email as follows:

Herman Taaia, General Manager, KMA

Akii Taratiera, Managing Director, KMA

P.O. Box 28
Bairiki, Tarawa
Republic of Kiribati
(Central Pacific)
Ph. No. (686) 21114
Fax (686) 21055 or 21089
Email: taratiera@yahoo.com.au

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