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Kiribati Maritime Agency

Kiribati National Flag

Skilled Kiribati Seamen
available for commercial vessels

The Kiribati Maritime Agency (KMA) located on Tarawa Atoll,  Republic of Kiribati , is able to provide skilled English-speaking seamen for merchant and fishing vessels.

Deck crew as well as individuals with engine room experience can be provided.  For vessels requiring crew on the fishing ground, KMA is
able to provide experienced crew to vessels calling on Tarawa port.  Qualified crew with travel documents can be made available to vessels within 24 hours notice of a vessel's arrival in Tarawa port. Or crew can travel to foreign ports to report for duty.  Salary and conditions of employment can be negotiated with the management of KMA.

Taking advantage of a large pool of experienced seamen, Kiribati Maritime Agency is able to provide new recruits from our fishing/training schools or experienced men who have spent several years at sea.  All of the crew are personally known to the management of KMA and are selected on the basis of past performance.  KMA is in business for the long-term and seeks to establish a strong reputation as a dependable provider of high quality crew.

      The Seamen of Kiribati

The environment of our resource-poor small islands and atolls has always meant that life has been difficult in Kiribati..These hard conditions have had the positive effect of instilling a strong work ethic in our people.  Quite simply, if our men were not good seafarers, fishermen and very hard workers we would have perished centuries ago.  The island country of Kiribati has a long heritage of providing qualified crew to various types of vessels throughout the world, including cargo ships operating between European ports and Japanese tuna vessels in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  In fact, the Japanese have a school in Kiribati for training Kiribati deck crew for their tuna vessels.

The Seamen of Kiribati have an outstanding record and reputation in the seafaring community:

  • Presently there are over 225 Kiribati men working overseas on  foreign pole/line, long-line, and purse seine vessels.
  • There is a long heritage of men from Kiribati working overseas as laborers in foreign countries and aboard merchant vessels.  There are about 1200 men now serving in merchant fleets overseas.
  • The relatively low-wage structure, strong work ethic and experience on overseas ships puts Kiribati in a favorable position to provide top quality crew for foreign vessels.
  • Kiribati crew have a heritage of spending long periods of time at sea.
  • English is the second language of Kiribati.
  • The main island of Kiribati, Tarawa, is central with respect to the fishing grounds and major tuna ports.

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